IDEAS was born at the beginning of 2006 as an answer to the demand for a different type of consulting. Our business model is based on gathering a team of professionals with the highest level and performance, with recognized prestige and experience in a direct and personalized behavior.

IDEAS started with few professionals who proceeded from the big four consulting and auditing firms. The company has gained value with the incorporation of different partners and directors with a high knowledge of the business and with the continuous reinforcement of young and dynamic people, keen on learning and contributing in each performance the best of their learnt experience. At the moment the entity counts with a solid professional team at every level which allows reaching success in each of our performances.

Throughout all this years, IDEAS has not lost its acting model through which the person responsible for the advice coordinates the performances of other professionals, assuming their contributions, which guarantees the quality of the service and the achievement of the desired objectives of the advice.

We do believe that this model consisting in people with recognized prestige assuming specialized advice works, acquiring direct opinion, allows companies to count with difficultly comparable resources, gaining additionally a reasonable balance on the advice costs.

We are completely sure that our methodology provides truly added value by an approach which can be defined as:

  • Solid, where the consideration of the capabilities and resources of the different business areas of the company allows the development of a good base for the decision making.
  • Pragmatic, based on priority issues and taking advantage, as far as possible, of the initiatives and business plans.
  • Efficient, focused on key matters to be faced, which allows the optimization and reduction of costs.
With this model, our firm has not stopped growing. Nevertheless, we have not lost our essence due to an uncontrolled growth, why we continue being a medium company with a high service level.

Along these years, we had remarkable successful experiences, counting among our clients with big national and international companies for projects about governance, risk management and compliance (GRC); having participated in merger and acquisitions (M&A) of big and small companies; successfully concluding specialized advice services crucial at some types of insurance, where we got to have an influence over legislative developments; carrying out computing developments and specialized IT solutions as IDEAS GRC, IDEAS ORSA, IDEAS SCR, IDEAS BE etc.; and also participating in big employee benefits (perks) projects international and nationwide.